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All Media Count   439
News Count (W/Clustered)   432 (98.41%)
Distinct Stories   12
Blog Count   6 (1.37%)
Tweet Count   0 (0.00%)
Shared Tweet Count   0
Links Tweeted   0
Combined Tone   1.07
Combined Polarization   6.97
Combined Activity   0.68
Combined Personalization   0.68
News Tone   1.04
Blog Tone   3.53
Tweet Tone   0
First Seen   5/31/2011
Last Seen   12/23/2013
News/Social Ratio  98.41%
Attention/Loyalty  18 / 2952 days (0.61%)
Domain Type   Blog
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68.95% (302)
44.98% (197)

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Barack Obama   47.38% (208)
George Mitchell   31.66% (139)
Alex Trembath   31.66% (139)
Terry Engelder   31.66% (139)
Alex Crawley   31.66% (139)

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Department Of Energy   33.03% (145)
Energy Department   31.89% (140)
American Enterprise Institute   31.66% (139)
Breakthrough Institute   31.66% (139)
Barnett Shale Energy Education Council   31.66% (139)

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Washington, District Of Columbia, United States   92.71% (407)
Morgantown, West Virginia, United States   31.66% (139)
Marcellus, New York, United States   31.66% (139)
Barnett, California, United States   31.66% (139)
Penn, Pennsylvania, United States   31.66% (139)

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United States   31.66% (428)
Japan   31.66% (165)
Russia   31.66% (139)
Germany   31.66% (92)
Denmark   31.66% (92)

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KAvn*, Denmark   20.96% (92)
Tokyo, Japan   20.27% (89)
Kyoto, Japan   20.27% (89)
Berlin, Germany   20.27% (89)
Chiba, Japan   15.95% (70)

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District Of Columbia, United States   92.48% (406)
Washington, United States   92.48% (406)
California, United States   42.37% (186)
New York, United States   31.66% (139)
Ohio, United States   31.66% (139)

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United States   31.66% (360)
Uk   31.66% (7)
Canada   31.66% (5)
Indonesia   31.66% (2)
Isle Of Man   31.66% (2)

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Lex18.Com   2.51% (11)
Newser.Com   1.14% (5)
Yahoo.Com   1.14% (5)
Necn.Com   0.91% (4)
Siouxcityjournal.Com   0.91% (4)

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Top Blogs

Articles from this domain tend to be republished by the following blogs:

Lex18.Com   0.23% (1)
Newkatipunero.Blogspot.Com   0.23% (1)
Mainenewspress.Com   0.23% (1)
Vancitybuzz.Com   0.23% (1)
Cs-Comunicatistampa.Blogspot.Com   0.23% (1)

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News Articles

All 432 news articles:


Q&A: Ethanol, oil and what it means to be green - Yahoo News

...... oil and natural gas. But the Obama administration rarely acknowledges that its green initiatives have costs, too. And the government allows green companies to do not-so-green things. For wind power, that means the government looks the other way as turbines kill eagles in violation of federal law. For ethanol, the government accepts the environmental consequences in hopes the industry will ......

(1280 words by

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Tone: -0.68%
Pol: 7.76%
Act: 22.29%
Per: 0.53%
Que: 8.79%
Exc: 0.00%
8 Articles

Decades of federal dollars helped fuel gas boom - Businessweek

...... like a free-market success story: a natural gas boom created by drilling company innovation, delivering a vast new source of cheap energy without the government subsidies that solar and wind power demand. "The free market has worked its magic," the Barnett Shale Energy Education Council, an industry group, claimed over the summer. The boom happened "away from the greedy grasp of Washington," ......

(1038 words by

[Show/Hide 138 Additional Articles]

Tone: 2.17%
Pol: 7.22%
Act: 25.81%
Per: 0.36%
Que: 1.92%
Exc: 0.00%
139 Articles

Studies: Wind potentially could power the world - Businessweek

...... on Sunday and Monday. They calculate that existing wind turbine technology could produce hundreds of trillions of watts of power. That's more than 10 times what the world now consumes. Wind power doesn't emit heat-trapping gases like burning coal, oil and natural gas. But there have been questions, raised in earlier studies, about whether physical limits would prevent the world from being ......

(500 words by

[Show/Hide 39 Additional Articles]

Tone: 0.55%
Pol: 5.70%
Act: 24.26%
Per: 0.18%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%
40 Articles

Wind power execs: Tax credit needed to keep jobs - Yahoo! News

...... ATLANTA (AP) A stalled effort to renew federal tax credits for the wind power industry is making it hard to keep employees on the payroll and plan for expansion, a group of executives said Tuesday, but two high-profile Washington figures advised them not to expect help until after the November election. The production tax credit , the primary cost-saving policy for the industry, expires at the ......

(485 words by

[Show/Hide 59 Additional Articles]

Tone: -2.53%
Pol: 9.92%
Act: 25.29%
Per: 2.72%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%
60 Articles

Mid-Atlantic wind transmission line clears hurdle - Yahoo! News

...... Bob Mitchell , CEO of Atlantic Wind Connection, called the government's action Monday an important milestone for the project, which was proposed in late 2010 as a way to boost offshore wind power in the U.S. Without the ruling, the project would likely have gone to auction, costing Google and other investors at least a year, Mitchell said. Deputy Interior Secretary David Hayes called ......

(397 words by

[Show/Hide 69 Additional Articles]

Tone: 2.53%
Pol: 6.21%
Act: 28.97%
Per: 0.23%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%
70 Articles

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Blog Posts

All 6 blog posts:


To Clean Up Coal, Obama Pushes More Oil Production |

...... of Obama's green-energy policies. To promote new, cleaner technologies, the administration has allowed companies to do things it otherwise would oppose as harmful to the environment. For wind power, the government has shielded companies from prosecution for killing protected birds with giant turbines. For corn-based ethanol, the administration underestimated the environmental effects of ......

(2085 words by
Tone: -0.51%
Pol: 6.46%
Act: 23.25%
Per: 0.33%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%

Complimentary firms launch training partnership : <b>Wind power</b> <b>...</b>

...... Google, VeriFone in Talks on Mobile-Payment Partnership AllThingsD Columbus Schools Conduct Partnership Programs That Aid Students → Complimentary firms launch training partnership : Wind power Posted on May 24, 2011 by markus Tech Safety Lines says it will partner Rope Partner Inc. to provide reliable safety training for wind turbine technicians. Tech Safety is known for a. See the ......

(303 words by
Tone: 12.72%
Pol: 13.43%
Act: 23.32%
Per: 0.35%
Que: 0.00%
Exc: 0.00%

First Wind signs <b>wind power</b> agreement | Maine News Press | Maine <b>...</b>


(91 words by
Tone: 5.00%
Pol: 7.00%
Act: 27.00%
Per: 0.00%
Que: 33.33%
Exc: 0.00%

New Katipunero: <b>Power</b> scammers riding high

...... heights. The past week alone, three major news items already escaped the public's attention: First, we have the Energy Regulatory Commission-backed "renewable rates" for solar and wind power. Passed by an idiotic Congress via Republic Act 9513 or the Renewable Energy Act of 2008 upon the badgering of foreign and local energy lobbyists and the oligarchy-controlled media, the measure is ......

(992 words by
Tone: 0.29%
Pol: 6.15%
Act: 20.90%
Per: 0.98%
Que: 12.50%
Exc: 4.17%

Flavio Cattaneo, tralicci design che sembrano germogli

...... and the National Grid are also hoping a sleeker, more elegant design could head off public anger at new pylons and high-voltage cables planned to serve a 10-fold growth in electricity from wind power and up to 10 new nuclear plants. About 80 miles of high-voltage pylons are planned in the Lake District, 50 miles in Snowdonia and 30 miles in the Mendip Hills in Somerset, according to ......

(985 words by
Tone: 2.25%
Pol: 5.39%
Act: 22.75%
Per: 0.69%
Que: 5.26%
Exc: 0.00%

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